1. Raw & Nutrient Dense – dried or prepared in such a way at low temperatures that preserves all the enzymes, vitamins, minerals and unique healing properties
  2. Organically Grown or Wild Harvested from healthy ecosystems
  3. Ethically Produced – harvested & prepared, including such standards as vegan, fair trade and environmentally supportive.
  4. Handmade with Care – All of our proprietary creations are handcrafted in small batches to ensure superior quality, human-scale livelihoods, artistic delight and infusion with love.

Visit our shop today: Vivapura!


4 responses to “About

  1. I am learning how to farm right now and through possibly November. I am trying to come up with ideas /goals for after and remember you sometimes have job openings. Would you keep me posted to jobs available in the future please. Thank you. Noelle Olson

    • We do not currently have any positions open but are discussing possibly creating another position. Feel free to send your resume to erika [at] middesummer [dot] net.

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