Raw Vegan Power Bars


These days power bars have become really popular. You can buy them at the grocery store, health food store, airports, and even corner stores. But the reality is that most bars are candy bars disguised in wrappers made to look like they’re healthy. Naught naughty! My recipe for power bars are really that – they contain healthy foods that will give you energy and keep you going for a long time because of all the nutrients they contain.

I made a video for this recipe which you can check out HERE (scroll down the page).


Raw Cherry Nut Power Bars

1 cup almonds

1 cup cashews

1/2 cup shredded coconut

2/3 cup dried cherries

1/2 cup hunza raisins

1/2 cup mulberries

4 tablespoons goji berries

5 medjool dates

1/2 teaspoon vanilla bean powder

4 teaspoons water

In a food processor grind the almonds and cashews to flour. Add all remaining ingredients except the water and process again until everything is broken down. Add the water and pulse it in. Press the dough firmly into an 8 inch square pan.

Raw Chocolate Drizzle

2 tablespoons melted cacao butter

1 tablespoon maple syrup or coconut nectar

2 tablespoons cacao powder

Whisk ingredients together in a warm bowl. This is important so the chocolate doesn’t get cold and seize. Drizzle over the bars before or after slicing them.

You can catch the video post for this recipe HERE! (scroll down the page)

Recipe by Chef Heather Pace, www.sweetlyraw.com


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