Raw Vegan Pizza!

Today, I have a bonus recipe for you! 🙂

This raw food recipe was yet ANOTHER hit here at the VP warehouse.
I wanted to share with you how one recipe can be used for MANY things!
So, here’s another way to use that yummy cashew cheeze we made last time….

Watch the video here:

There are many variations of this recipe, so get creative, experiment and HAVE FUN!!! 🙂

Ingredients for the base:
6 oz – Acorn Squash or alternative (i.e. sweet potatoes)
3 oz – Chia Seeds (soaked for an hour/ overnight): http://vivapura.net/Chia-Seeds-raw-organic-1-lb
3 oz – Hemp seed meal: http://vivapura.net/Green-Hemp-Seed-Meal-raw-naturally-gr…
1 handful Fresh Basil
Pinch of pink salt

Directions for the base:
Soak the chia overnight in purified water (3 tbsp chia to 14oz water)
Peel & dice the squash
Use the food processor to combine/blend the chia, hemp seed meal and squash
Blend in basil and salt to taste
Take a dehydrator tray lined with wax paper or a Teflon sheet
Use a cake tin (12″ for this recipe) as a guide for the shape, pour the mixture on to the tray, then take the cake tin away to be left with a perfect pizza shape!
Dehydrate at 110 for as long as required (we ended up doing ours for 20 hours, 4 hours on one side then flip to finish for the last 16 hours)

Ingredients for the Tomato Sauce:
6 large tomatoes
1 big bunch of basil
1/2 onion
2 cloves garlic
1 tsp Really Raw Honey

Directions for the sauce:
Simply combine it all together using a Vitamix/any kind of blender.
Spread the sauce over the pizza base
finish off with cashew cheeze and your favorite pizza garnish…

For the cashew cheeze…
Check out this video:


To Garnish…
Whatever you desire!
(We used Red Botija Olives: http://vivapura.net/Sundried-Red-Botija-Olives-low-sea-sa…)

So, enjoy this recipe with all your friends, we’re sure they won’t be disappointed…

Hmmm… it’s been a while since I played with chocolate… too long in fact!
OK, watch this space, it’s time for some cacao creations!

xxx Susu xxx


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