Cheezy Kale Chips!

I promised you Kale Chips…
And here they are!

Oh my goodness these were soooo good!
Find out how to make these munch-a-licious ‘chip’ substitutes here:

Following on from a popular Cashew Cheeze recipe

(watch it here:

…learn how to take this cheeze to the next level!
Create your own Kale Chips!
Why waste your money on Kale Chips from the store when you can make your own at home easily?

Big bunch of Kale
Cashew Cheeze

Simply massage the kale chips with cheeze and love (cheezy love ;))
Place into dehydrator for as long as is needed to make them crispy
(Or you can use the oven, simply set it on to the lowest setting (no more than 110°F) and leave the door open a bit for air flow)

I hope you enjoyed this recipe… check out the next blog for yet another use for that amazingly del-ish, Cashew Nut Cheeze!

xxx Susu xxx


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