Cashew Cheeze – raw, vegan style!

To continue with the simplicity theme…
(and another handy excuse to play with some more of our new cashew nut butter…!)
I decided it was time to share this amazingly yummy cashew nut cheese recipe with you all!
Check out the video to find out how to make this simple yet satisfying recipe:

1 9oz jar Vivapuras’ cashew nut butter
1 big bunch of basil
2 small RED bell peppers
and to make it cheezy…
choose from:
1-2 dessert spoons of noni powder
OR 2 desserts spoons of raw apple cider vinegar
OR 2 dessert spoons of nutritional yeast flakes.
pinch of salt
squeeze of lemon

Simply blend it all together until it makes a smooth paste!

TIP – for a harder cheeze, refrigerate over night 😉

‘Cashew Cheeze’ is a great addition to your raw-repertoire!
It’s satisfying, healthy and delicious!
You can add it to pretty much anything,
…use it as a dip
or a cheezy sauce for your salads or veggies
…or in your nori wraps!
😉 mmm mmm

Check out my next blog where I show you how to take this simple recipe one step further…
We’re going to make some cheezy KALE CHIPS!

Find out more about our raw cashews HERE
Grab yourself a jar of cashew butter HERE
This is the best cashew butter I have ever tasted!
Trust me you’ll be amazed!

Stay Tuned!

S xxx

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