Fruit Fancy Skewers… Featuring… JARRAH!

I noticed my last few posts had featured recipes that were kinda complicated!
Funny, because I’m really quite a simple kinda girl!
In fact my motto in life is to,
keep it simple, keep it sweet!
So, this week I’m sharing a super simple, taste-bud-blowing recipe.
This recipe is perfect as a starter to a meal, a raw vegan ‘bring along to a BBQ’ option…
…or even just a decadent day time snack!
Check out the video below:

Jarrah Bee Pollen really does blow my mind!
It is one of the only bee pollens’ in the world that not only tastes good but makes you feel good on all levels too!
Any simple recipe is transformed with this magical pollen!
Try it and see 🙂
S xxx

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