Snow Cake Recipe!

What better way to celebrate the arrival of the summer sun than with some snow?! 

Well a snow cake actually!! 😉

Being from Scotland, I am well used to a lot of snow!
So, being here in Arizona I am LOVING the sun shine!

This weekend I decided to celebrate by making one of my favorite recipes…
I got playing with lots of different coconut ingredients and couldn’t wait to share this with you…
I am always amazed at the hundreds of different uses for our friend the coconut!

As you know, Vivapura prizes itself for…
…the finest cold pressed coconut oil…
…the smoothest stone ground coconut creme and
…the creamiest coconut chips!
We are the coconut gurus!

If you haven’t tried our plethora of coconut treats then now is your chance!
Check out this recipe video to learn how to make a smooth, rich, creamy and delicious coconut Snow Cake!


Vivapura Coconut Creme ~ Original –
Vivapura Coconut Chips –
Vivapura Vanilla Powder –
Vivapura Lucuma Powder –
Coconut Secrets ~ Coconut Nectar –
Body Ecology Coconut Meat –

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