These muffins were too good!
I have to say it took a few shots to get the perfect combo (and a lot of tasting!) πŸ˜‰
…BUT by golly I think we’ve cracked it!!!
Check out this easy like 1…2…3 recipe video…
…and get ready to be in muffin heaven!

Serve drizzled with some melted Vivapura Coconut Creme or make your own icing with some blended Vivapura hand cracked cashews, some liquid sweetener (i’d use Coconut Secrets, coconut nectar) and a little lemon juice! Mmm mmm πŸ™‚

6oz Coconut Flour
6oz Vivapura Mulberries
6 oz Vivapura Pecans
2 pinches of Pink salt
3 teaspoons Vivapura Raw Vanilla
18 HUGE & JUICY stoned Medjool dates


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