Elixir Hearts

Everybody is talking about Elixirs these days…
it’s becoming a big trend to cram as many herbs or super-foods into your blender and call it the elixir of life!
…but what if you don’t have a blender? Or what if you just need a little bite sized boost of Elixir goodness?

Elixir Hearts and a cup of Reishi Tea 🙂

I was super excited when Eke our kitchen manager said it was cool for me to share his secret recipe for these bite sized ‘Elixir Hearts’ with the world!
Elixir Hearts are a yummy recipe that ALMOST make chocolate look boring!
ALMOST I said 😉

Thanks for more secrets revealed Eke!

Watch this video and find out how to make these magical little bite sized hearts of goodness!

The ingredients…
Coconut OIl – 14 tsp – available here: http://vivapura.net/Cocopura-Coconut-Oil-raw-organic-14-oz
Lucuma Powder – 4 dstspn available here: http://vivapura.net/Lucuma-Powder-raw-naturally-grown-12-lb
Vanilla – 2 tsp – available here: http://vivapura.net/Vanilla-Powder-raw-organic-fair-trade-4-oz
Celtic Sea Salt – 1 pinch

Pine Pollen – 1 tsp – get it here: http://www.surthrival.com/pinepollen.html
Tocotrienols – 4 tsp – get it here: http://www.prlabs.com/
Royal Jelly Powder – 1 tsp – get it here: http://www.immortalityalchemy.com/
Cololstrum – 2 tsp – get it here: http://www.surthrival.com/colostrum.html
Maca – 2 dstspn – coming soon to http://www.vivapura.net

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Lucuma Love!
xxx S xxx


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