Indian summer curry recipe…


Choosing to become a yoga teacher gave me the perfect excuse to take long sabbaticals to India,
I loved traveling this magical continent from north to south sampling the many styles an approaches to yoga that were on the menu…

However, it was not only the yoga I fell in love with while I was there…
I also found it very easy to fall in love with the beautifully unique cuisine!
Indian food is soooooo much better in India…
the flavor and spices are combined in their own special way to create some mind-blowing meals…
nothing ever compares to the real thing…

I especially enjoyed my time in the south, the beaches lined with palm trees along with the warm sun was matched with smiling faces and a huge welcoming from the people of the sunny south,
No wonder every one there is so happy…

Kerala is the home of the coconut,
It was rare you would find a dish that did not include this delicious and abundant food

What does all of this have to do with a raw food diet and super-foods?
When I returned to the UK I continued to create the same dishes I had enjoyed every day in India,
I found great pleasure in spending hours experimenting with spices in the attempt to re-create the beautiful taste sensations of the south.

In March 2008 I decided  it was time to lift my health to the next level,
Switching to a 100% raw food diet made complete sense to me and I was lucky enough to catch this healthy habit early,
I went raw over night and did not suffer the major withdraw and detoxification I had been warned of,

The one thing that did bother me was how I would survive without my soul food…
Indian dishes… of any description!!!
However, I was determined and convinced I would be able to overcome this,
I was committed to finding an equally delicious and flavorful substitute for my favorite food using all raw ingredients…

The following recipe never fails!
Last weekend I got together with friends to enjoy an indian style banquet using many super high quality ingredients from VivaPura!
Everybody who tries this loves it….

Sweet Potato Coconut Curry & Monukka Mango Chutney

For the curry… 

8 x large sweet potatoes or yams
1 x 9oz Jar of Vivapura’s Coconut Creme – original
1 x Tbsp organic curry spice
1 x Tbsp organic cumin
1x tsp Himalayan pink salt
Cilantro to garnish


Start by preparing your VivaPura Coconut Creme, melt down over warm water... (it is best not to exceed 115°F)

Now, peel and chop your sweet potatoes/yams into small chunks... in food processor...

...blend until big chunks are gone...

...add your spices...

...add melted coconut creme...

...blend until smooth...

...garnish with fresh cilantro!

For the chutney… 

4oz VivaPura Jakfruit
4oz VivaPura Monukka Raisins
4 small ripe mangoes (Ataulfo are the best!)

1-2 tsp organic cayenne pepper (depending on how HOT you like it!)
2 tsp organic cumin
water for soaking



Peel & chop mangoes, then cover all ingredients with water and soak together with spices for 3-4 hours...


...strain off the liquid into another bowl...

...we stored this sweet and spicy elixir and served it as a hot-shot before the meal! soaked mixture into food processor...

... blend until smooth ...

... store in a jar for up to 3 days.

We enjoyed our Indian banquet with some extra special additions from friends…

Chocolatree - Onion Flat Bread

Click here to buy

Chocolatree - Curry Nori Nachos

Click here to buy

…and for dessert, Michelle prepared the most exquisite Chai Chocolate Cake Bites decorated with rose petals! ♥

Chai Chocolate Cake Bites ~ by Michelle

So go ahead and try it for yourself!
Light some incense and enjoy an Indian summer dinner with friends!
Have a great weekend!
x x x


4 responses to “Indian summer curry recipe…

  1. Oh it looks so good pity I can’t get the goods to make it, have you got the recipe for the cake bite’s.

  2. eeeeeeeeeeee this looks amazing, I”m going to try it! thank you for sharing, I especially love how vibrant your pic is at the end – your stunning! xxx ( I can say that cause I know Susan and I’m not a stalker)

    • Hey Kat,
      Thank you 🙂
      Glad you liked the recipe! I wish I could taste your version!
      Lots of love and Enjoy!!!
      S xxx

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