“Liverpura” – jump start your health

Healthy and Unhealthy Liver

Healthy and Unhealthy Liver

I was drinking a glass of “turmeric-lime aid” with a woman I met at the Tree Of Life Café (see video), and we began a discussion about the secrets of becoming/staying healthy. As I told her, in my experience health is factored by your body’s response to:

  1. Your thoughts
  2. How you move your body
  3. Your nutrient intake
  4. How efficiently you remove your accumulated toxicity

Being a busy person, she then asked me the best way to remove toxicity. Although there are many ways to do so, I feel that the biggest return on your investment of time and personal energy is by doing a Liver (& Gallbladder) Flush. That is why my partner Elaina Love and I choose to incorporate a Liver flush as a regular part of our life. They can be done once a month for a dramatic increase in overall wellbeing, and in fact some people have done several in a row with our program.

How often do we change the oil in our car? How often do we clean our bathroom? How often do we wash the outside of our bodies? How often do we clean the INSIDE of our bodies?

This is a concept that has been all but completely lost in our society. When we look at the older traditions and religions, we find that just about every one of them includes a period of “spiritual” fasting, usually at least once a year. This gives the body an opportunity to cleanse, detoxify, and rejuvenate itself. These cycles are important to maintain, and for reasons I don’t really understand (fast food?, soda? pop tarts?), we have moved away from those traditions.

So what do we do? We can take the wisdom of the ancients and combine them with modern science and technology, and as a result we have the protocol for our Liver/Gallbladder flush. The system is unique to Vivapura/Pure Joy Planet, ie, myself and Elaina, although we have incorporated many elements of other successful protocols. Together, Elaina and I have done 26 Liver flushes (her 18 and me 8).

We feel so strongly that this is the #1 best way to detoxify the body, we started an online tele-course that we use to coach others. Our next flush is Sunday, March 13, to Sunday, March 20, 2011. If you are interested or know someone who is, please send them to http://vivapura.net/Liver-Flush-Teleclass-March-2011


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