Vivapura – business from the heart

Jeff and Chris at Chakra4 in Phoenix

Jeff and Chris at Chakra4 in Phoenix

Many of you know my story. After spending 15 years in corporate America in the greater Philadelphia/New York/Baltimore area, I basically withdrew from my competition in the “rat race”. My family sold just about everything we owned, and moved to Patagonia.

As a recovering consultant for other companies, I continued to maintain my passion about business in the US while at the same time pursuing a more spiritual path. What I came to realize is that the two need not be different.

I read many books on the link between business and spirituality, and embraced the concept of “Sacred Commerce”. It was that spirit from which Vivapura was born. She came not from us, but through us, and I work with her for our mutual growth. It was while running Vivapura that I personally discovered what it means to run a business “from the heart”.
While we have certainly had our share of challenges (ie, opportunities), we have always endeavored to maintain our perspective, that our business is also a path for personal evolution.

Not long ago, I met someone who is also passionate about redefining what it means to have a “spiritual” business. He is Jeff Goodman, the creator of Career Hearted™, a class that I took in January, and thoroughly enjoyed. In the three day seminar, Jeff invites you to look at your business as a unique “energetic being”. He then helps you examine it from the perspective of the 7 chakras. From your financials (1st chakra) to your marketing (5th chakra) to each of the others, you see your company from a new perspective, and can begin to discover what’s missing. If you would like participate, tell them you heard about it from me and you will receive a 20% discount. I don’t receive anything from this, I am simply passing on what I think is an excellent opportunity and experience. (Click on the Friends tab and use the password FRIENDS to get the discount)

Whatever you are in your career, I feel it is important to recognize the lessons that are being taught to us in each moment, and that our business can indeed be a path for spiritual transformation.


One response to “Vivapura – business from the heart

  1. Im grateful for your products. I love your cool store and that you take your dog to work…. a perfectly harmonious environment….. Id love to work there and be your office manager.. Im so passionate about feeling good and the best way to achieve , is through the best superfoods. I tell everyone about your products.. I am a Clinical Laboratory Scientist. After 18 yearsin the medical field, i can tell you i learned more about true health from David Wolfe and Dr. Cousens.
    I love that you left the rat race and chose simplicity and freedom. What a blessing, what a gift to yourself and those around you. I want to move to Patagonia. It has the aura of health and peacefullness. Good luck with your endevors and may your life continualy grant you pleasant surprises. Cat N

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