The Vivapura B.L.T: Boy do we L♥ve Tahini!!!

One of the great things about working for a company like Vivapura is being able to share so many exciting, new recipe ideas!
Each time one of us comes up with something truly delicious and new, we always pass it on to the rest of the Vivapura team.
Here at Vivapura we are all major foodies!
Some of us eat a 100% raw vegan diet, some of us don’t, for us it is about what makes us feel good individually.
Nevertheless, we have all found our own favorite Vivpura products that work for us and taste good too.
I feel super-lucky to be literally surrounded by all of  Vivapura’s amazing and high vibrational foods to play with.
There are so many yummy combinations to be made, as you can see from our many archived raw and cooked recipe archives.
Today I wanted to share with you a recipe that is so simple and so delicious
It is perfect if you need a quick and easy yet super satisfying meal…
I confess, I have been making it pretty much every day since I arrived here!

The Vivapura B.L.T: Boy do we L♥ve Tahini!!!
The following recipe makes 1 wrap. Simply multiply the ingredients to make more for your friends and family!

1 or 2 T Vivapura Stone Ground Tahini

1 or 2 T Spirulina Crunchies®
1 Nori Sheet (or as many as you plan to make into wraps)
Abundance of FRESH Mixed Salad Greens and micro greens (eg. sunflower sprouts)
Sliced organic tomato or sliced cherry tomatoes
1 tsp Coconut Aminos (an amino acid RICH replacement for soy sauce)

Optional: More coconut aminos for dipping

1. Take one Nori Sheet, shiny side down. Place it length ways; this makes a bigger wrap 😉 Spread our creamy Tahini about 1/2 inch from the edge of the Nori Sheet

Nori sheet with a good spread of tahini!

2.  Next sprinkle the Spirulina Crunchies® along the spreading on tahini. They will stick to the tahini which prevents them from falling out… for a sprinkling of spirulina crunchyness!

3. Now pile on the greens of your choice (it’s great to experiment with different flavors like arugula or basil) and sliced tomatoes….

Add your favorite greens...

4. Starting from the side you spread the tahini, lift the nori up and over the greens and tighten it all up ( a bit like you are trying to roll up a rug or your yoga mat! ;)). Now keep rolling until you are about 1 inch from the edge.

Wrap it up!

5. To seal the wrap up, you will need a little bit of moisture. This is where the coconut aminos come in as a yummy ‘seal’. Simply pour 1 teaspoon along the edge you are about to seal and finally roll up the last inch. The wetness should soften the nori and stick the wrap shut. Don’t worry if you don’t have the coconut aminos… just use water instead. Use additional aminos for dipping if desired!

A tidy little package of goodness.... Slice with a sharp knife to get a clean edge

Michelle tried this out for herself and was so impressed, she said…
“… the combination of the savory cheesyness of the Spirulina Crunchies®, the sweetness of the aminos and the creamy nutty earthyness of the tahini, magically tastes like a BLT sandwich!!!”
…Now that’s a testimonial!

Nori wraps can be used as a handy on the go snack or a really filling and satisfying meal.
Impress your friends with this fancy delicacy while providing them with super-nutrition too!

I have tried many combos and this one seems to be the tastiest option for me, but you can try as many variations as you like…

  • Swap the tahini for one of our smooth and creamy stone ground nut butters
  • Create a new dressing to replace the coconut aminos, or even a simple squeeze of lemon
  • Use some grated root veggies in place of greens…

The possibilities are endless!!!

♥ Enjoy! ♥

One thought on “The Vivapura B.L.T: Boy do we L♥ve Tahini!!!

  1. Oh my gosh! You just managed to post a raw food recipe that has been my favorite for YEARS now!!! Nori with a nut butter (tahini w/lemon is my favorite to use) spread, spirulina or chlorella, tomato, and sprouts! I love using soaked sun dried tomatoes in these wraps too, or Quantum Labs heirloom tomato powder, dulse seaweed, and sliced avocado. I will have to try it with the spirulina crunchies, i haven’t made it there yet. There is something that tastes so cheesey and delicious about tahini spread and spirulina together. Thanks for the reminder, i’m making some wraps tonight!

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