Our Favorite Smoothie Recipes- Part III (The Finale!)

Happy New Year everyone!  Here is our final smoothie recipe round up…and they’re healthy too so it’s just in time for all of those healthy new year’s resolutions 😉  I’ve included a few bonus beverage recipes to get you off on the right foot this year too…Enjoy!

Javier’s Morning Sunshine

1 frozen banana

1 handful goji berries, soaked

1 handful incan berries, soaked

1 T lucuma

1 T green hemp seed meal

1/2 c almond milk*

1/2 tsp bee pollen

water to blend (approximately 1 c)

Blend well and enjoy!  Can also add cacao powder for a creamy chocolate treat 🙂
* To make almond milk, blend 1/4 c raw almonds (soaked for 12 hours and drained) with 1 cup of water (blend well until creamy) and strain through a nut mylk bag.

Michelle’s Deep Purple Delight

2 c frozen mixed berries

3 T spirulina crunchies

4 T lucuma

2 tsp maca

1-1/2 c water (or more if needed to blend)

1 tsp vanilla powder

few pinches cinnamon

optional: handful of spinach or 2 T chia seeds

Blend well in a high speed blender and eat with a spoon.  I like to add spinach if I’m craving more greens or chia seeds if I’m needing an extra boost to get through the day.  Feel free to add sweetener of choice if desired as well…Enjoy!

Raw Matcha Latte

One of my favorite after dinner treats used to be the matcha latte I would get from a favorite sushi restaurant of mine in NYC.  The creamy mellow sweetness had me hooked everytime :)…Of course it was made with thick frothy milk and sweetened with sugar.  So excited to have come up with this thick frothy treat to satisfy my matcha latte craving without the milk or the sugar! You can even add some raw protein powder for the perfect post workout treat.

1 c green hemp milk*

1 T lucuma powder

1 tsp matcha powder

1/4 tsp vanilla powder

raw honey or sweetener of choice to taste

Blend all ingredients except matcha powder well in high speed blender until smooth.  Add matcha powder and blend again.  Yum!
*To make green hemp milk, blend 1/4-1/3 c green hemp seed meal (depending on desired thickness) with 1 c water and strain through a nut mylk bag.

Vanilla Goji Lemonade

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! This is an awesome drink to keep you hydrated throughout the day (and perfect for those who need a little extra flavor in their water to make it palatable)!

Vanilla Goji Lemonade pre-soaking

24 oz purified water

1/2 lemon

1/2 lime

3 handfuls goji berries (approximately 3/4c)

1/2 tsp vanilla powder

optional: 2 T chia seeds

optional: vanilla stevia

Put 3 handfuls of goji berries in a 32 oz jar and add lemon, vanilla, chia if desired, and a few drops of vanilla stevia if you desire a sweeter drink.  Fill jar with water, place lid on the jar and shake, making sure that all gojis are covered with water.  Let jar sit in the fridge for 3 hours or longer so gojis get fully rehydrated and plump.  Drink as is allowing for a delightful little goji surprise with each sip or drink the water first and use a spoon to finish the gojis at the end.  Adding chia will simply give your lemonade an additional boost of hydration and fiber.  No need to worry about the chia changing the lovely sweet lemon taste as chia is flavorless 🙂


Vanilla Goji Lemonade after 3 hours


2 responses to “Our Favorite Smoothie Recipes- Part III (The Finale!)

  1. I’m looking for ways to use spirulina, in particular. Blending is the easiest method to incorporate it. But your website recommends hand-mixing it. I’m wondering if high-speed blending, such as with a Vitamix, is not recommended because it may denature, or destroy the nutrient structure?

    Any information you have about blending and food processing your products in general would be helpful.

    • Hi Alissa, blending our Spirulina Crunchies is perfectly fine and actually our favorite way to incorporate it as well 🙂 Using a high speed blender allows it to blend quickly without heat so the blending will not denature the spirulina or destroy the nutrient structure. Have fun blending your Crunchies, enjoy!

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