Golden cherries and chocolate!

We just had our golden cherries come in and they are absolutely AMAZING!  Sweet, chewy, and ridiculously delicious…of course we just had to try them out in a recipe and what better combo than chocolate and cherries 🙂  We were tempted to do a brownie but decided on something a bit less predictable and we’re so glad that we did!  This is just such a beautiful combination and the chocolate is more subtle than in most raw chocolate recipes.  Even if you think raw chocolate is too bitter, you will adore this recipe…and of course if you enjoy raw chocolate as much as we do, you’ll love it too!

Chocolate Cherry Halva

Chocolate Cherry Halva

1 9 oz jar stone-ground tahini

1/4 c raw cacao powder

1/2 c + 1T lucuma powder

2 T pure water

3/4 c dried golden cherries

Pour tahini into a bowl and add cacao, lucuma and water.  Stir well to combine and form a dough that can be worked with your hands.  Add more lucuma if the dough is too wet or soft.  Add cherries to the bowl and work into mixture with hands to evenly distribute.  Remove dough from bowl and place on wax paper or non sticky flat surface to roll out.  Use a rolling pin to gently roll dough flat to desired thickness (we did about 1/2 inch thick) and push in edges with hands or rolling pin to form a square.  Chill for a minimum of 1/2 hour to firm up.  After chilling, dust with lucuma powder (or cacao, spice, or other superfood powder of choice) and cut into squares to serve.  Yum!!

P.s. cherries are super high in melatonin so combined with the chocolate, this is the perfect recipe to help you relax and feel blissful this holiday season 🙂


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