We Love Chocolate!!

We decided to delay Part II of our Smoothie Recipe round-up to celebrate the launch of our new Raw Chocolate Kit 🙂  The kit includes 3 awesome chocolate recipes but we love our chocolate so much that we just had to share another….and this one is a scene stealer for sure!  Susan and Steve made these Choco-Goji Bites for a potluck last week and they were gone before you could blink an eye!  Not only are they insanely good but they somehow make you giddy for the rest of the night…don’t say I didn’t warn you- playfulness and laughter are a sure side effect of these ridiculously addictive treats 😉  Enjoy!

Choco-Goji Bites

Choco-Goji Bites

(makes approximately 30-40 balls)

8 oz goji berries

8 oz mulberries

16 oz cacao nibs

8 oz green hemp seed meal

2 T lucuma

1 c coconut oil, melted

1/8 tsp salt

3 T yacon syrup

Cacao powder, maca, or additional cacao nibs for rolling (optional)

Ridiculous amounts of laughter and love

Grind cacao nibs in food processor until well broken down (close to a powder) and set aside.  Grind goji berries to coarse powder in food processor (approximately 30 seconds).  Add mulberries and grind more (another 30 seconds).  Add green hemp seed meal and pulse to combine.  Add ground cacao nibs, salt and lucuma and pulse more until evenly combined.  Add coconut oil and yacon and mix well to form dough consistency.  Form into balls and gently roll in the palm of your hands after balls are formed to smooth if desired.  Serve as is or roll balls in desired superfood or superfood powder (cacao powder, maca, cacao nibs, etc.)….Chill to harden or serve soft and see if you can resist eating more than just one!


Choco-Goji Bites coated with cacao nibs, maca and cacao powder

AAAAND most of these ingredients can be found in our Top 10 Superfoods Kit as well!

Other delightful variations:

Choco-Goji Bites Tart
Press dough into shallow tart tin with scalloped edges and top with chocolate icing, drizzle with chocolate sauce or serve as is with a side of raw ice cream or whipped cream 🙂

Choco-Goji Bites Cookies
Form dough into patties instead of balls and drizzle with chocolate icing or melted lucuma vanilla coconut creme or scoop softened (not melted) lucuma vanilla creme onto one cookie and top with another to make sandwich cookies…yum!

Super Power Choco-Goji Bites
Add 2 T-1/4 c Healthforce Vitamineral Green, raw protein powder (Warrior Food or other sprouted rice protein), and/or spirulina (remove equal amount green hemp seed meal if necessary) and roll finished balls in Spirulina Crunchies.  Serve soft or chill to harden and enjoy!

Super Power Choco-Goji Bites


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