Our Favorite Smoothie Recipes- Part I

It’s getting cold here in Patagonia and I’m finding myself drawn to sweets more and more these days (don’t even get me started on the chocolate situation!)…Luckily we have so many amazing superfoods here to play around with. Needless to say, we’ve all become quite familiar with them here at the warehouse and have come up with some pretty great recipes along the way. The most critical seem to be our daily smoothie/drink recipes that help to get us through the day :)…Of course our daily drinks are as distinct as each of us so we just had to share them all.  Here is Part 1 of our staff smoothie round-up…Enjoy!

Wendy’s Happy Morning:

1 T Chia seeds

2 T Cacao paste or powder

1 T Healthforce Vitamineral Green or other green powder

1/2 c Frozen cherries

1 c Almond milk*

Maple syrup, raw honey or dates to taste

Blend well and enjoy on the rough commute to work 🙂
*Blend 1/4-1/3 c really raw almonds with 1 c water and strain through a nut milk bag.  For a quicker version, blend 2-3 T raw almond butter with 1 c water and serve.

Steve’s Purple Slurple:

8 oz Frozen organic cherries, defrosted

8 oz Frozen organic blueberries, defrosted

8 oz Frozen raspberries, defrosted

4 oz Soaked goji berries

2 oz Soaked incan berries

1 T Lucuma vanilla creme

1 T Bee pollen

Blend everything in a high speed blender until thick and creamy.  Top with bee pollen and eat with a spoon in the sun 🙂

Ivri’s Morning Magic :

3 T Green hemp seed meal

1 T Spirulina crunchies

1 c Frozen organic mixed berries

2 T Lucuma

1 Organic banana

1 T Bee pollen

Water to desired consistency

Blend all ingredients well, except for bee pollen.  Stir in bee pollen after blended and enjoy anytime you need some extra magic to get you through the day 😉

Stay tuned for Part II!…..

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