Guest Blogger: AlienMelon

We’re an uncanny bunch of tech-geeks and designers powered by raw food which gives us the superpowers required to rock the internet with our alien funk, casual games, music videos, Flash, and other creative schemes.
We also love creating tangible things (fashion). We print our own fabrics with non-toxic paints, and hand paint, draw, stencil, spray directly on the clothes. We add custom beads, buttons, embroideries, felt… anything that makes them special and unique. Each item is done by hand with lots of work and many clothes are often used or refurbished. So it’s recycled and vandalised apparel.
Since we got on raw food our creative prowess has evolved to unprecedented capacities. We are addicted to Vivapura products.
The primary locations of our non-meat-space digital-base of operations are: (web work) (apparel)
One of our favourite pastimes is developing different recipes and performing bio-enhancing experiments on our meat-suits.
Here are some to bless your wonderful meat-suits… (by the way, we personally believe that if humans insist on ingesting meat-suits they should ingest only their own, which excludes meat-suits from fellow humans as well.)


Here’s a collection of the most popular recipes. Have fun!
These are written by me (Nathalie). Milena discovered all of the cool ingredients like kefirs, yogurts, nut cheeses, and Vivapura. I put them together and refine the recipes.

Nut Cheeses, Coconut Kefirs and Coconut Yogurts


Coconut kefir works beautifully with Milk Kefir Grains.
milk kefir grains don’t come from milk they’re just called that because that’s what’s always been commonly used with milk kefir. You can order them online. When you get them they may at first come in milk. You can gently rinse them in clean water, and give them a welcoming bath. Then only use your first batch of Coconut Kefir to get them introduced to their new coconut food. When you handle them don’t handle them with any metal utensils or cookware. The first batch of kefir you may have to throw out, as that’s the one you just “cured” them in, so now they’re all set for coconut!

In a blender combine…

* Water
*Vivapura Coconut Creme
*Optional: Dash of Vivapura Vanilla Powder
(Occasionally: You can add a bit of agave or agave powder to sometimes feed them. Cultures like agave powder.)
(The less water you use the creamier it will be.)

*In the designated container for your new little kefirs pour in the above concoction and then put in your little grains. Mix them gently, talk to them, tell them you love them, and bond with them. They're your pets.
*Cover the container. Not tight. They need to breathe.
*Place the container in a dark place somewhere.
*Wait about a week making occasional visits to stir them with a wood spoon.
*Note: Don't Seal the container too tight else the top will explode off… and don't overfill else it'll overflow… crawling out for freedom.

After about a week, or until its reached its desired sourness/bublyness, mix it for one last time, and pour it through a strainer into some jars. Tell them they did a good job and enjoy! When you serve you can add Vivapura Yacon Syrup for a delicious twist of sweet.
Your kefirs will get better and better over time as the grains adjust to your environment. Always save some of the old kefir and add it to the next batch. This way you get your very own culture going.


*Get yourself some water kefir grains. (they're completely vegan and easy)
*Dump them into fresh coconut water (from young coconuts).
*Wait up to a week or less. (till sour)
Done! Drinkable and great for a cheese starter.


From our research we've found coconut yogurts to be the best (and tastiest) way to get a very healthy spectrum of intestinal flora. Coconut is the best to use when making yogurt as the pro-biotics will reach your lower colon. You'll need a starter culture. We use either Yolife Yogurt Starter, or GI Prohealth GI Pro Start. You can order your favorite starter online.

In a blender combine
*Vivapura Coconut Creme
*Optional: Vivapura Lucuma Powder
*Optional: Vivapura Vanilla Bean Powder or Vanilla Powder
Blend until creamy.
Turn blender on a very low gentle setting, and add recommended amount of culture. Gently mix together. Culture is sensitive.
*Pour into little yogurt containers and put into your yogurt maker or keep. You can also do this without a yogurt maker, and use a food dehydrator. They need a very regulated warm temperature.
Let sit overnight, and enjoy for breakfast!
I highly recommend adding Vivapura Yacon Syrup for a delicious sweet flavor. Also you can try a spoonful of Vivapura Bee Pollen, Vivapura Mulberries, or any other dried or fresh fruit.


Nut cheese is a fermented food high in enzymes and easy to digest. It's a great way of eating nuts or coconuts since the fermentation process already predigested it for you.
We use a lot of nut cheese in our recipes. For salty or sweet treats.
It's fun to mix with spices and eat with salad or wrap in Vivapura Nori Rolls with other vegetables. You can also use it as a base for spicy sauces. Nut cheese is dangerously fabulous if you add fresh garlic with it.

This is the best nut cheese recipe I've engineered. It fools even people that think you can't mimic good yogurt or cheesecake without dairy. When I make cheesecake out of this for people they usually reply with "oh my god this is so good" then append "this is vegan!?" or "this is raw!?" It's a great food to master.
It took a lot of trial and error to get it right.
The best nut for cheese is cashews mixed with coconut creme, or fresh coconut flesh from young coconuts and coconut creme. The only other nut that turns out well is macadamia mixed with coconut. All other nuts are easy to mess up on. Vivapura caries all the necessary ingredients at their tastiest!

For any cheese you need a good starter. The best one is coconut kefir, OR coconut yogurt. If you are into lacto-fermentation and have some left over water around from your sauerkraut or raw pickled pickles or raw pickled garlic and onion, (the list goes on), you can add that to the cheese instead.

In a blender combine
*At least 1 cup starter (the more you use the better)
*Vivapura Really Raw Cashews
*OR Vivapura Macadamia Nuts
*Vivapura Coconut Creme (if your starter is coconut kefir you can add less)
*Note: Add about 2* more nuts than coconut, and you can experiment with your desired quantities.
*Blend. If it's too thick, you can add water or more starter. The consistency should be like that of ice cream, or thick mud. If its too thin just add some Vivapura Coconut Creme. It's a potent thickener.
*In glass containers pour about half full, and shower with love.
*Place in a dark, warm area. Cheese likes warm. You may want to put a plate under them. If the conditions are just right (like before full-moon or a storm) it may sometimes attempt to grow greater than the container and make an escape.
*Let it sit overnight and check on it in the morning. It's done when it's grown twice its size. Carefully place in fridge, so it hardens that way. The coconut creme will make it hard when you cool it.

Try fermenting it with a wide variety of spices or fresh herbs from the garden.
*Ferment it with fresh garlic pieces and black pepper
*Or garlic, dill, and pepper
*Or fresh rosemary.
*Italian spices (rosemary, oregano, lavender, majoran, pepper)
*Powdered paprika
*Curry powder or west indies rub
*Fresh hot peppers, or cayenne
*It's fun to make Tzatziki with it. Simply blend some cheese with fresh dill, pepper, salt (optional), garlic, and mix it with sliced cucumbers.
*The list is infinite…


Camomile is a really beautiful flower to use in sweet things ranging from granola, to cashew creams, because it adds a really soothing pleasant smell and aftertaste. It's a very healing ingredient.

The Crust Base:

In a blender:
*1 cup Vivapura Really Raw Cashews (depending on how much crust you need)
*1/2 (or less) cup Vivapura Coconut Flakes
*3 teaspoons squeezed lemon juice
*Vivapura White Mulberries
Lightly blend ingredients together so it's still a bit chunky.
In cupcake cups pad the crust base down.

The Filling:

In a blender:
First add:
*2 cups or more of Cashew Cheese
*Sweetener (to taste) like Vivapura White Mulberries, Vivapura Yacon Syrup, or Raw Honey. (I love the honey from Really Raw Honey. It's unprocessed straight from the hive with cappings, et all, floating on the top. It's especially healing… and the world would end without bees so it's good to support loving bee farming.)
*1 teaspoon Vivapura Vanilla Bean Powder or Vanilla Powder
*2-3 tablespoons camomile flowers
*A few anise seed
*Half a teaspoon licorice root powder
*Optional: For a late noon delicacy add 1/4 teaspoon valerian root powder.
*1 tablespoon Vivapura Lucuma Powder
Blend ingredients well then add:
*2-3 tablespoon Vivapura Coconut Creme (this'll harden the mix later)
Pour over your crust(s) and carefully place in fridge. It will harden there because of the coconut creme.

This herb mix is very soothing for the stomach. Overall it's relaxing and calming. It's a great evening treat accompanied by peppermint sun-tea.


All mints have been held in high regard for their medical benefits. It can be either soothing or uplifting. It's an excellent companion to chocolate.
Orange peel is also used here. The orange peel has a high amount of flavonoids, enzymes, and phyto-nutrients. More than the actual fruit. If you save your orange peels you can dry them in the sun and make your own powdered peel.

The Crust Base:

In a blender:
*1 cup Vivapura Really Raw Cashews (depending on how much crust you need)
*1/2 (or less) cup Vivapura Coconut Flakes
*4 teaspoons squeezed orange juice
*1 teaspoon powdered orange peel
*Vivapura White Mulberries or Vivapura Monukka Raisins
Lightly blend ingredients together so it's still a bit chunky.
In cupcake cups pad the crust base down.

The Filling:
First add:
*2 cups or more of Cashew Cheese
*Sweetener (to taste) like Vivapura White Mulberries, Vivapura Monukka Raisins, or Raw Honey.
*Peppermint leaves
*3 heaped tablespoons (or more) Vivapura Cacao Powder
Blend ingredients well then add:
*2-3 tablespoon Vivapura Coconut Creme (this'll harden the mix later)
Pour over your crust(s), sprinkle decoratively with cacao powder, and carefully place in fridge to harden.


*1-2 cups Vivapura Coconut Creme
*1 teaspoon Vivapura Vanilla Bean Powder
*1/2 a teaspoon licorice root powder or cinnamon
*Plenty of Raw Carob Powder (also for the sweetness)
Knead together the ingredients until it's all a dough.
Roll into balls and roll in Vivapura Coconut Flakes or carob powder.
Refrigerate until hard.


In a large bowl:
*1-2 cups (depending on how much polenta you want to make) Vivapura Chia Seeds.
*Water. Each cup chia seed calls for 4 cups water.
Whisk thoroughly until it is thick. This happens within minutes. If you find it wont thicken just add more chia. Careful! Chia quantity is easily underestimated.
Then add:
*Chopped up Vivapura Sundried Heirloom Tomatoes
*Chopped up Vivapura Sundried Red Botija Olives
*Some fresh chopped garlic, or powdered garlic (pickled lacto-fermented garlic doesn't smell)
*2-3 teaspoons of ground Italian seasoning (rosemary, oregano, marjoram, lavender, basil, tarragon)
*1 teaspoon ground black pepper
Mix ingredients well.
Let sit for 15-20 minutes.

Enjoy alone, with a salad, or sprouts sprinkled on it.


In a large bowl:
*1-2 cups (depending on how much porridge you want) Vivapura Chia Seeds.
*Water. Each cup chia seed calls for 4 cups water.
Whisk thoroughly until it is thick and porridgy.
*1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
*a handful of Vivapura Goji Berries OR a handful of Vivapura Monukka Raisins
Let sit for 15-20 minutes.

For the milk combine in a blender:
*Handful of Vivapura Really Raw Cashews OR a few spoonfuls of Vivapura Coconut Creme
*Dash of Vivapura Vanilla Bean Powder or Vanilla Powder
*Some Vivapura Yakon Syrup, dried fruit like Vivapura Whilte Mulberries, or other sweetener if you want it sweet.
*Water at desired quantity
Blend to milkiness.

Serve the porridge with milk poured over it.


I love making raw chocolate. There's a hundred and one things you can do with it so I've got a hundred and one recipes. One of my favorites to make for a more mocha flavor is to add Shilajit, Mucuna Pruriens, and Ashwagandha. Shilajit especially brings out the cacao flavor. You can also add a bit or powdered reishi or chaga mushrooms to get the same effect…

This one's for mylk-chocolate chocolate truffles, because Vivapura has the best ingredients for that, and it's the tastiest.

In a bowl:
Your desired amount of Vivapura Cacao Paste
Put it in a dehydrator to melt, melt by letting it sit in the sun, or melt it by using the technique of putting the bowl in a pan of hot water…
Once melted add:
*Vivapura Really Raw Cashews that have been blended into a flour
*OR Vivapura Macadamia Nuts that have been blended into a flour
*Vivapura Lucuma Powder
*Vivapura Vanilla Bean Powder or Vanilla Powder
*Raw Honey. I prefer raw honey because it makes the perfect dough consistency, adds a nice caramel undertone, and blends best overall. You can also crush raw dates to a paste, or add crushed Vivapura White Mulberries. Crushing-to-a-paste any dried fruit that has a sweetness like nectar, caramel, or vanilla will work well.
*Thoroughly mix everything. You may have to kneed it with your hands.

Shaping this is fun! You can…
*Roll them into balls then roll in Vivapura Cacao Powder for chocolate truffles.
*Roll into balls then roll in Vivapura Lucuma Powder for white truffles.
*Roll into balls then roll in Vivapura Coconut Flakes for coconut truffles.
*Roll into balls then roll into some leftover cashew or macadamia nut flour.
*Roll into balls then roll into cinnamon.
*Roll into balls then roll into orange peel powder.
You get the idea…
After you're done having fun, put them in the fridge to harden.


Marzipan is a very typical European traditional desert. It's commonly made out of almonds, sometimes apricot kernels, and rose water. You can get apricot kernels by saving all your apricot pits, drying them in the sun or at home, and then pitting them. If you're lucky enough to have those then you can soak and use them with the Almonds for a really marzipany marzipan.
Rose petals have a lot of anti-inflammatory, heart-supportive and other properties. They're known to give pleasant dreams, etc…

*Soak at least 2 cups of Vivapura Really Raw Almonds (and some apricot kernels if available).
*In another glass jar add 1-3 cup of rose petals. More petals means rosier flavor.
*Pour two cups water over petals.
*Let petals sit in the sun for 2 hours or more visiting them to occasionally to stir. The longer the better, but not more than a day.

After the wait:
*Strain the Vivapura Really Raw Almonds and dab them dry
*Strain the rose water into a large mixing bowl. Squish the petals to squeeze as much water out as possible.

In a blender or food processor:
*Blend the almonds into the consistency of flower.
*Your rose water.
*1 teaspoon Vivapura Vanilla Bean Powder or Vanilla Powder
Blend/process that in. Then add:
*1 cup Vivapura White Mulberries.
Thoroughly blend/process berries. It should start to get rather thick.
You may need to transfer to mixing bowl to kneed a bit and shape into pralines or truffles. Have fun experiment in what you roll them in! Like Vivapura Lucuma Powder or Vivapura Coconut Flakes or some almond meal made from Vivapura Really Raw Almonds or just love.
Afterward refrigerate them to harden, and enjoy.

Ok, so… There's a million more fun things that come to mind that we do with what you guys sell… Other than just eat it as is which is usually what happens. But I better stop as I could literally end up writing a book here. 🙂 You all have some amazing stuff, and shopping there feels like being a kid in a candy shop. So, thank you!

Alien Salutations from the AlienMelon Goons!
Nathalie Lawhead (
and Larry

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