Guest Post: co-owner Ivri Kryz

Every day each of us does something great. We say I love you and mean it. We are kind to a stranger. Or some days the in breath and the out breath are our crowning achievements. Once in a while, if we are fortunate, certain days can be marked as great because we have achieved something that can be defined as great by the standards set by “the world.” These are the days that are mile posts. The achievements that say, “We are here. We have served our vision well. We have succeeded. We make a difference!” And our community of like-minded souls on the journey recognize our achievement.

This past Saturday, Vivapura had one of these days! We offered our first Vivapura Products Demo in Whole Foods (Scottsdale, AZ). This was one of those achievements that marked our sense of significance in the world. Vivapura is in Whole Foods! This is the crowning achievement of our industry (from a distribution perspective).

Two years ago, when we started Vivapura, we laughed that getting into Whole Foods was so far down the line and such a big process (9 months of qualifications, inspections and compliances) that we couldn’t even imagine it happening. And not only did we get in, they sought us out. Am I tooting our own horn? You Bet! But I am also saying thank you to each of you – our dedicated, discerning customers who make possible our dream of operating a conscious business dedicated to Life. And a special thanks to each member of the Vivapura Team who every day dedicate themselves to a vision of feeding hungry souls! I believe that when you call out a person’s name you call forth their spirit, so a special thank you to: “Whitcoe,” Joel, Erika, Michelle, Ben, Izaiah, and Krisanga. You humans Rawk!

How was the demo, you may ask. It was beautiful, dynamic, energizing and unifying. Several Whole Foods shoppers recognized Vivapura (I blush with pride) and told me their stories of how Vivapura has affected their lives. And they were so thrilled to find us in the store! As a business owner, it is beyond heart-warming to know that what we do makes a difference. All the time we invest in doing what we do wakes people up, nourishes them and inspires their ideas! We are so happy to partner with each one of our customers to brighten the world!

So we share in the jubilance of the success of Vivapura with each of you. We are a “start-up” in a small community, based on a belief in what is authentic and a dream of what the world is becoming. We started at the height of the recession. And now we proudly proclaim, “We are here. We make a difference!” And so do you!

Ivri Krzyz
Co-Owner, Vivapura

2 thoughts on “Guest Post: co-owner Ivri Kryz

  1. Congratulations! That is such an awesome achievement! Core values, inspiring vision and a contribution to humanity. As we take care of our bodies, we feel better which has us treat others with more compassion who in turn treat others with more kindness and in turn it comes back to us somehow, somewhere. Spreading your mission through such a reputable chain in such a short time is truly commendable… keep up the great work!

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