The Green Synergy Festival in Michigan August 20-22

This amazing festival is just around the corner and our very own Chris Whitcoe is going to be speaking! While the event is in the first year it looks like it is going to be a lot of fun and full of information. Read on for all the juicy details

August 20-22, 2010 at Ronora Lodge Retreat Center. The Green Synergy Festival is held at Ronora Lodge and Retreat Center in Southwestern Michigan. Ronora offers 350 pristine green acres of woods, lakes, pastures, wildlife, and quietude which is part of a nature preserve. Visit for more info and pictures of the Festival’s venue.

Just show up and we’ll take care of everything!
-LeadingWellness Experts
-Raw Culinary Classes
-Yoga, Meditation, Nature Walks
-Music, Dancing, and Kids Activities with GreenKids
-Vibrant, Healthy Delicious Meals INCLUDED
-Healers, Bodywork, Massage!

Explore the full potential of your health!

Gain invaluable experience and knowledge!

Be inspired to live green every day!

Speakers: Victoria Boutenko, Tim VanOrden, Chavah Aima, Elaina
Love, Andrea McNinch, Kathy Kelly, Hon. Carol Moseley-Braun, Chris
Whitcoe, Mercy for Animals, Dr. Jane Fresne, Jessica Schneider, Ellen
Livingston, Yoga Dan, Hello Kitchen Chefs, and many more !

ONLY $250 for the Festival Package! *

Organic, Raw, Vegan Meals: All organic, local from family farms, fresh and made
with pure love! All Gluten-free. Diabetic option. Nutritious, yummy meals for
3 days – INCLUDED.

are at an extra charge, $25/per person for camping (entire weekend) or $50/pp –
shared room (entire weekend). Limited rooms at the Lodge, sign up today!
Lodging upgrades and family rates available – please call 847 674-2499

*Cost is $250 per adult and $50 per child until August 7th for meetup members or special referrals, after the cost will be $300 per adult and $75 per child.

Carpooling is being organized by the Festival, approximate gas-sharing cost is $20 per person roundtrip.

Amtrack roundtrip – $34, plus $10 shuttle to Ronora.


2 Breakfasts Green and Fruit Smoothies, Granola with Nut Mylk, Chia
pudding, Fresh Fruit

2 Lunches Mexican and Asian Menus

2 Dinners Italian and New Americana Menus

2 Snacks Granola, Chips, Cookies


Victoria Boutenko – Greens: Most Nutrition Food and Greens: Omega 3 Oils

Tim VanOrden – Diet and Peak Performance and Change the World with your Voice and Actions, Discover Your Inner Athlete

Hon. Carol Moseley-Braun, Former U.S. Senator, Live Organic and Green

Andrea McNinch – Tips to Transition to Health and Raw Vegan Food on a Dime

Chavah Aima – Enlightened Life on Earth, Spiritual Activism, and Alchemically Spirtualize Your Body

Jessica Schneider – Meditation, Mindmaps, Universe Connection

Dr. Jane Fresne – Shamanic Journey

Cindi Mursch – Intro to Permaculture and Every Day Permaculture

Kathy Kelly, Creative Non-Violence and Peace Activist Workshop

Mercy for Animals, Kenny T. Steps to Compassion

Veganism and the Environment

Elaina Love:
-Raw Culinary Class: Glycemic- Quick and Easy Meals- Irish Moss Desserts
-Raw Culinary Class: Meal Planning Made Easy – Meals to Make you Glow
-Raw Culinary Class: Healthy Travel Foods

Andrea McNinch:
-Agave Yay or Nay
-Raw Culinary Class: 30 minute Raw Vegan Meals

Chris Whitcoe, Sacred Commerce and Spiritual Business for Global Change

Cindi Mursch, Green Living Every day with

Farmer Chad from Lake Breeze Organics, Family Farms Today

Jessica Schneider, Quantum Physics

Andrea McNinch, Healthy Fasting

Elaina Love, Pure Joy Planet

Elaina Love and Chris Whitcoe, Easy Raw and Vegan

Intro to Healing Arts Panel with Tracey and the Healers

Ellen Livingston, Nature’s Detox and Conquer your Cravings

Yoga Dan – Yoga Lifestyle

Group Runs with Tim VanOrden

Alchemical Meditation and Chanting with Chavah Aima

Qi Gong with Chi Rich

Sacred Flowing Yoga with Yoga Dan

Sound Healing with Mark, Sacred Sounds

Kundalini Yoga with Mark

Mudra Yoga with Shanti

Slow – Flow Vinyasa with Ellen

Nature Hikes

Swimming Anytime you want


Dance Party with DJ D’Bug’d and DJ Romance, both FRI and SAT nites

Kids Activities Facilitated by GreenKids from Canada!

Nature Walks, Kid Yoga, Craft Fun, Making Raw Snacks, Story
Time, Build an ECO Fort Fun
Call or email Ariane today at 847-674-2499 or


One response to “The Green Synergy Festival in Michigan August 20-22

  1. green synergy is going to be amazing! we are excited to hear Chris talk and sample some of the Vivapura goodies! if you are in the midwest you are close to this first ever midwest raw fest – come on out!

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