CEO gives praise and warm fuzzies

I am truly a blessed man. I have the privilege of working at one of the best companies ever, with a remarkable team. For instance, this blog is so full of delicious and inspiring recipes, I feel compelled to contribute. Of course Erika is likely going to tell me to take lots of photos while I make my morning smoothie, so I will wait till next week to document my routine. (Yes Erika, I pinky swear that I will actually do it this time).

And while I’m talking about Erika and the blog, I am totally loving to commemorate the 1 year anniversary of Erika moving to Patagonia. The impact she has made to our company is not only beyond measure, it’s actually totally within measure. Our sales dramatically increased the month after she arrived, and due to her impact, we have seen strong growth ever since.

This blog had fits and starts until she took it under her wing. Looking at the recipe photos, has anyone figured out how awesome a chef she is? Well, I have the pleasure of tasting many of the finished treats featured here, and I can tell you, it’s worth the trip to Patagonia if you are ever thinking about visiting (please call ahead first).

If you are a regular customer, chances are quite dandy that Erika remembers you. Don’t believe me? Next time you call the store, ask her. “Remember me? I got some Spirulina Crunchies and other stuff, like, 3 months ago or sumpin-like-dat.” See what she says 😉

And just because I’m the CEO, that doesn’t mean that Erika won’t tell it like it is. That’s what I love about this environment, I encourage that the truth be told, even if it’s uncomfortable or inconvenient. So I expect to be told that I can’t post this because it’s over the top or something. Maybe it is. Perhaps we should just get her an iPad and forgo the whole public-blog-kudos-thing. Of course, if you are reading this, it passed!

Thanks Erika. We love you.

Chris Whitcoe


One response to “CEO gives praise and warm fuzzies

  1. I feel fortunate to have read the praise Erika received from Chris. It seems like that type of positive feedback is not expressed enough in todays workplace.
    I am now more excited to use my Vivapura products, and even more eager to meet this amazing Erika in person!
    Thanks for sharing Chris! Your products are truly amazing and I’m so happy you are blessed with such a wonderful staff.

    Warmest regards,


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