Pigs & Figs

Recently Vivapura came into a slight over supply of over-ripe figs. We tried sifting through them to pick out the good ones but eventually we realized it was a lost cause.

So what does a company like Vivapura do when presented with this abundance of figs? Well the first thing is obviously stop selling them! We want to be sure our customers get the most fresh, nutrient-dense and delicious foods.

The second is to find someplace that would benefit from these figs. In the past when we’ve had products that required a new home I’ve reached out to a semi-local branch of Food Not Bombs. The fig situation required something different, it required pigs.

I searched for local farm rescues in our area and the first one I found was a sanctuary for pot-bellied pigs. Ironwood Pig Sanctuary turned out to be the perfect place. Home to 600 potbellied pigs Ironwood is a truly amazing place. The sanctuary covers a wide area of land where the pigs are grouped into communities based on age and health care requirements. They have multiple areas designated “assisted living communities” for elderly or otherwise unwell pigs. The staff is amazingly dedicated and knowledgeable. When asked if they get a lot of adoptions the response was no due to the high-level they require potential piggie parents to meet.

We were given a lovely tour of the Sanctuary and even got to feed some pigs some figs. See our day in pictures below!


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