Love e-mails like these!

We received this e-mail a few days ago, I love it when these find their way into my inbox!


I just received my first order from your company yesterday. First, I want
to thank you for such professional and prompt service. Second, I had to try
the Spirulina Crunchies immediately and WOW Fabulous!! Does not compare to
the pre-formed pill looking Spirulina that I have purchased in the past. I
just now tried the Jarrah Bee Pollen, again another WOW came out of my
mouth, what a big difference than the Bee Pollen I have sitting in my
refrigerator. Have not tried the other two products I ordered but I bet
they are just as fabulous.

Thank you for offering such quality (and ethical) products. I will
definitely be a returning customer to try more goodies your company offers,
in addition to recommending your Company/Website.

Warm Regards,


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