Catching Up!

Hello! Sorry for the quietness around hear, I got a bit distracted by my juice!
Juice Feasting Preparations
Freshly Made Juices for the Work Day
Juicing sure is full of pretty colors!

So a few updates for blog readers and customers. I have had a great set of recipes submitted by Xell Calderer of Internal Hygeine. I hope to post that tomorrow. Remember that while I’m juice feasting I’m looking for recipe submissions! If you submit a recipe with pictures you’ll receive a 15% OFF coupon for your next Vivapura order. You can e-mail recipes and photos to me at erika[at]vivapura[dot]net.

In other news we have a few exciting new products on the site. The first being some amazing Dulse. The second being the second in our new series of gift boxes. This one is the Salad Gift Box. The holidays may be passing us by but what better way to jump start your own healthy eating or that of loved ones than with a gift box chock full of a superfoods with a recipe included? Next week we’ll be adding a new Seasonal Bee Pollen, I’ll post more info when that is ready.

We had a great newsletter go out today, if you haven’t signed up be sure to do so on the side bar of this blog. We send out special recipes, coupons and events. We just started a great Back to Basics sale just in time for the New Year. get 20% OFF the following items: Cacao Powder, Green Hemp Seeds, Really Raw Almonds, Wildcrafted Goji Berries, Chia Seeds, Nori and All Olives! Use coupon code “basics20” at checkout through 1/31/10.

So those are the main up-dates. Stay tuned for guest recipes, back to basics recipes to help out with your 2010 Raw Resolutions and other tips to help your New Year get off to a healthy start!


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