Juice Feasting & 2010 Resolutions

3 days ago I started a juice feast. While I have a personal blog that I’m posting the details of my feast to my own blog it is also pertinent to this blog as I will not be in the kitchen chopping up any new food creations for a little bit. I do have a few more recipes stashed in my little black book to share with you but once those are gone it will only be some liquid recipes!

So, that gave me a great idea. I want to know what you all are making with superfoods in your kitchen!I would love to have some of our readers and customers share their favorite creations with us. What I’m looking for are recipes you have created & tested with instructions and a photo. If we choose your recipe to feature on the blog we’ll send you a 15% off coupon for your next order as well as a link back to your site from the blog post! You can e-mail me your recipes to erika[at]vivapura[dot]net.

In addition to the recipe project I’ll be posting tips, advice and tricks to help you out with any raw resolutions (as well as more general health related resolutions) you might make for the new year.

As a starter to that series of posts, just a reminder to make a realistic resolution if you choose to make one. I personally love resolutions but something that is inspirational and realistic. Stick to goals to increase the raw food in your diet, to improve your overall wellness or to bring more awareness to your eating habits. Try to avoid resolutions that are all about percentages, exact weights, dogma and crash dieting. Make your new years resolution a promise to yourself to improve your quality of life, not to punish yourself.


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