Time for another Liver & Gallbladder Flush with Vivapura & Friends!

Feel the Experience of Deep Relief!
When the new year comes around, are you ready to let go of any guilt, excess pounds or toxins you may have accumulated? Kick start the new year by kick starting your overall health with Elaina Love, David Rainoshek, and Chris Whitcoe during the January 2010 Liver Flush LIVE! We invite you to join us for a FREE intro call on Sunday, Dec 27, 6pm PST. We’ll be continuing to make good on the promises we made to ourselves from last year, (and ), through a collaborative Liver-Gallbladder cleanse, with nightly group coaching.

A wonderful gift for yourself and others. Relax and enjoy the holidays because you know you have a cleansed planned for Jan 10! 🙂


January 10-17, 2010

We know from years of coaching and cleansing that a powerful group energy for transformation is created when we experience a cleanse together. IN FACT, the neuroplasticity of your brain (the ability of your brain and mind to change) is increased when you:
Do something new
Learn something new
Do or experience anything with others

We have established these elements for you in this Liver-Gallbladder Flush to help you with your overall life goals and orientation towards growth and transformation. In our Liver Flush, we will be coaching and training you to establish an ongoing Life Practice that you can rely on for the care of your liver & gallbladder for the rest of your life. In a very deep and integrated fashion, we are placing this cleanse in the context of an evolutionary plant-based diet and lifestyle with nightly conversation topic including:

Liver & Gallbladder
Honoring and Releasing Practice
Immune system
Plant-Based Nutrition for Body, Mind, and Spirit
Lymphatic System
Food Preparation and Combining


$295 (with kit), $195 (without kit), $50 (Returning members, no kit)

Daily Group Q&A sessions with coaches Elaina Love, David Rainoshek, and Chris Whitcoe
Complete cleanse manual which includes a 6 day menu with delicious raw, vegan cleansing recipes by Elaina Love
Interactive 24-hour online collaboration and discussion with everyone doing the Flush
Proven Protocol and System of Liver-Gallbladder cleansing that anyone can do
1 Month Access to JuiceFeasting.com
Lifetime Access to the Juice Feasting Green Room
$20 Coupon to Vivapura.net
Receive a shipped, complete liver gallbladder flush kit from PureJoyPlanet.com
Discounts for all future cleanses (Return Members).

The Background
“In November 2009 I was going to do a liver cleanse, and there are a lot of people out there who love a little bit of guidance during the process,” says Chris Whitcoe, M.A. in Live Food Nutrition, and an owner of Vivapura – Pure Superfoods for Life.

So he called up Elaina Love, professional Chef and Instructor, Lifestyle Counselor and owner of Pure Joy Planet, who has just completed her 11th flush as the organizer and facilitator of the Mt. Shasta 5 day cleansing retreat. “I knew that with Elaina’s experiences, we would be able to handle just about any question or concern,” says Chris.

“I also realized that many people would desire to take it even further, and what better than a Juice Feast?” He then talked to long time friend, David Rainoshek, also an M.A. in Live Food Nutrition, creator of the 92-Day Program on JuiceFeasting.com who also wrote/researched (with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D.) the book There is a Cure for Diabetes. “I’m all about the accessibility of information and transformative Life Practices.” says David. “Let’s make this something everyone can do at home.”
So they facilitated a one week 2009 Autumn Liver/Gallbladder Flush LIVE, and had 33 participants who successfully flushed their livers and gallbladders.
What did the participants have to say about it? Read some testimonials. Because the cleanse was such a success, we plan to continue them in 2010. The next one starts in January!



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