My Morning Drink

In our blogs past life we had a series titled, “My Morning Drink”. Now that we’ve changed the blog I decided to get this series restarted. The series started after I looked around our morning meeting and noticed the wide array of concoctions each person drank. I had yet to get to my own drink so thought I’d restart the series with my own morning drink.

Erika’s Morning Drink

4 cups hot water
a handful of sliced reishi mushroom
1/2 teaspoon vanilla powder
stevia to taste or 1/2 teaspoon honey
1 tbs. acerola powder

In the evening before I go to bed I place the hot water and reishi slices in my container. I let this steep overnight, covered. The next morning I add the remaining ingredients and shake well to combine.

I drink this combination in theory because it is great for my immune system but we all really know that I drink it because it tastes like punch. Vanilla powder makes a great addition to beverages. After I finish my morning drink I like to add it to my water or to goji water.


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