Superfood Spotlight: Chia

I get a lot of questions everyday about different superfoods. Obviously working at a superfood company but it seems that people get so much information that they’re left knowing something is good for them but not sure how to use it. Many of us know why all these superfoods are good for us but still find it difficult to incorporate them into out diet in a way that we enjoy. This is the idea behind our Monday post “Superfood Spotlight”. I’ll certainly go a bit into the why’s of each food but more importantly into the how’s.

My first choice is Chia. Why Chia? Well it’s one of my favorites but most importantly, I have a ton of it in my refrigerator right now so it seemed like the obvious food to play around with tonight!

Chia’s major claim to fame is its high Omega 3 content. Omega 3’s have been in recent human dietary history, seriously lacking. Traditional people’s consumed much more of this important fatty acid but industrialization of our foodways have greatly reduced the amount of Omega 3’s in our diet. How much Omega 3 does the chia seed contain? Well the seed itself is 34% oil and of that oil 64% is Omega 3. Chia contains more Omega 3 than flax and it is easier to digest. You can grind chia as you would flax but it is not a necessary step to get the most benefit.

I eat chia because I like a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids but I eat mostly because I love the texture. It reminds me of tapioca when it has been soaked in liquid. When made into crackers it is so delightfully crispy. And when I grind it and add it to my smoothies it adds just the right amount of thickness.

In recipes you can use chia just as you would flax. It gels and holds things together just as flax does though it is a bit lighter and a bit more crumbly. By far my favorite use for chia is as a pudding or porridge. You can soak it in any variety of milk, juice or tea and in about 15 minutes have a lovely little meal. The recipe I’m going to share could make a nice breakfast or a tasty dessert.

Chai Chia
Chai Chia

2 cups strong herbal chai, cooled
1 or 2 tbs liquid sweetener of choice
1 tbs. raw tahini
1/4 chia seed
1 large handful white mulberries
1 large handful coconut flakes

Pour chai into a mixing bowl. Whisk in sweetener and tahini. The tahini will not completely dissolve, that is fine. Next whisk in chia seed, mix in until well combined. Let sit for a few minutes and then whisk briskly again. You will notice that the chia has started to thicken. Whisk every few minutes until a pudding-like consistency has been achieved. You can add a little more chia if you prefer it thicker.

Once the chia has thickened add in a handful of mulberries and a handful of coconut flakes. From here you could go in two directions. For a breakfast porridge put a serving of the chai chia in a bowl and drizzle on a little more tahini and perhaps a little more coconut or mulberries. For a light dessert a dollop of whipped cream(scroll down for the whipped cream recipe) and a sprinkle of vanilla powder.

I also really enjoy using chia in crackers and raw “breads”. This recipe from Kate Magic is a fun chia biscuit. Or you can make your regular flax crackers with chia instead for a light & crispy cracker.


2 responses to “Superfood Spotlight: Chia

  1. what is herbal chai and where would i get it ? I am in Chicago. I am really really new and just beginning on my journey with raw food so I don’t know alot… :). I feel so blessed to have found your website – I found it through the Adventures of Raw Goddess Heathy. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful recipes and products – im so excited.

    • We’re so grateful you found us as well! Herbal chai teas can be found in the tea section of any good health food store. Most chai is made with black tea but a lot of companies are making chai with herbs like rooibos instead. Good luck!

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